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Detox kiwi tea

A warm and healthy drink which helps the drainage of fluids… try our kiwi detox tea!

It is true that beauty starts from inside the body!
Facial and body masks, treatments and scrubs can yield few results, if we do not regularly detox our body.
Detox teas come to our aid for this purpose! They are a genuine cure-all, when taken early morning on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up. It is like a “shower” for the body which, as part of the morning routine, improves the quality of our days… and of our life!

We propose a homemade variant with kiwi: refreshing, detox and absolutely delicious, a genuine aid against fluid retention and toxins.

Prepare it by boiling 1 litre of water, add the peeled kiwi chopped into small pieces, a dash of lemon and, if you like, jazz it up with ginger. Cover and infuse for 24 hours. Then filter using a strainer.

That’s your tea ready to be savoured at room temperature, or even kept in the refrigerator to be sipped cool!

So what comes after the tea? A savoury healthy and nourishing breakfast with our exotic strudel!

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