Jingold was established to guarantee the taste and excellence of a unique fruit: the yellow kiwi, a product known and appreciated all over the world for its inimitable taste and outstanding health-giving properties.

The Jingold brand is synonymous with quality and maintenance of the highest production standards, offering the consumer certainty and assurance. The lifeblood of Jingold are the partners of the Kiwigold Consortium – an organisation which has been operational since 2001 and which now unites the best fruit farms in Emilia-Romagna, having been awarded the world exclusive for the production and sale of Jingold yellow kiwis.

Producers and resellers joined forces in 2012 to create Jingold, a direct link between the production of kiwis and the market. The mission and philosophy concentrate on the best possible enhancement of the value of the product sold, with the aim of meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers and consumers in terms of taste, quality, value and healthiness.


The journey of the kiwi in the name of quality

From birth to consumption, the kiwi goes on a unique journey: that of excellence.
This particular feature originates in the production area and is confirmed in the skilled hands of producers and farmers.

Only the best soils are home to the Jingold orchards.

Agronomy experts select the most suitable areas, in Italy and the world, for growing good, tasty fruit.
Production takes place in both hemispheres, in order to guarantee the market a constant supply of fruit all year round and continuous, reliable, high-quality distribution.

A priceless plus of the Jingold kiwi is the expertise of the skilled hands of the producers.
A modern approach to farming, together with constant investments in techniques and cultivars.


Jingold is a dynamic organisation which looks to the future with the aim of increasing its know-how and expertise, in order to guarantee maximum quality control at all times.

This is a vision which has enabled Jingold to reach countless goals.
Following the success obtained with the yellow kiwi, the company has expanded its activities to offer green kiwis and has also extended its production base, to the point where it now comprises 300 estates in numerous countries all over the world, including Chile.

Today Jingold is the kiwi specialist, a point of reference for operators in the sector and consumers in search of quality and certainty.