Yellow Kiwi

Yellow kiwi is sweet and contains remarkable amounts of fibre and vitamin C; it is firm and juicy, with an extremely refreshing flavour, making it particularly well-loved by children.
It is a beautiful sight to behold, with its bright colour, reminiscent of the sun; it is easy to store, in your fridge at home.


Yellow kiwi is ready to be enjoyed as soon as you buy it.
Its golden yellow pulp is light-coloured and soft. To stop them from ripening too quickly, store kiwis in the fridge, separately from other kinds of fruit. On the contrary, to speed up the process, place them in a paper bag together with apples, oranges, bananas or pears, at room temperature but away from direct sunlight.


  • 100% natural
  • From our finest fields
  • In direct contact with nature
For lovers of nature and those who wish to immerse themselves in the Organic universe: a delectable kiwi with the same sweet, juicy and thirst-quenching flavour.
With respect for and a love of nature, all our kiwis are passionately cultivated free from fertilisers, in compliance with strict protocols in force, always guaranteeing the utmost expression of goodness. Choose the right kiwi for you, sweet and natural, or refreshing and original.



Yellow kiwi is perfect for delicately flavoured creations.