Our pact with the earth is renewed every day and is based on respect

There are many of us within Jingold, with different stories and skills.
We all share a business vision that values ​​sustainable food:

We believe in an agriculture capable of feeding people without impoverishing the planet.
We believe in work capable of creating well-being and wealth without destroying resources.
We believe in sustainable and responsible globalisation, in the health and safety of workers.

At Jingold, we care about sustainability in all its forms, it is not just communication or “greenwashing”, but a systematic combination of measures that we have been implementing for years to provide our contribution to the environment and to society.
Jingold’s activities are, in fact, organised in such a way as to minimise pollution at every phase of the supply chain.

In agriculture, climatic change is an extremely current and evident issue, it is not simply a consequence to postpone for as long as possible.

What do we actually do to avoid it?

We use low-impact techniques, specifically:

  • Integrated crop defence, with a drastic reduction in the use of pesticides.
  • This system involves the use of non-toxic pesticides, biological pesticides (i.e. the use of predatory insects to eliminate parasites), crop rotation. The procedures strictly follow the integrated production specifications established by the Regional Phytosanitary Services.
  • Use of modern systems with drip irrigation. With this method, water is administered slowly to the plants, on the ground or directly to the root, in order to obtain high efficiency and reduction of waste.
  • Use of renewable energy, mainly photovoltaic, for fruit refrigeration and other electricity consumption: the production plants that package Jingold products have created photovoltaic systems that produce more than 700,000 KW/h every year, which corresponds to a savings in CO2 emissions equal to about 300 tons/year (the equivalent of the weight of 15 lorries full of kiwis!).
  • Plants with certifications related to environmental impact

A range of new packages

A new range of totally sustainable packaging is ready,
to guarantee freshness and quality for all our products

At Jingold, we believe that sustainability does not only concern the environment, but that it is a concept to apply to all areas of the business and especially to those who are a part of it. In fact, Jingold is a member of Sedex, the international network of companies for the control of workplace safety: the body verifies and certifies not only the quality of the working environments, but also respect for trade union rights, labour standards, the absence of exploitation and underage workers. Jingold supports the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which recognises international trade as an essential vehicle for people’s prosperity and social economic growth. To fulfil the real commitment on legality, safety, wholesomeness of the products, sustainability and respect for people, Jingold has adopted a code of ethics that includes all the fundamental principles and guidelines that must steer behaviours.