Sweet and tasty.

The Jingold branded kiwi is a unique product in terms of taste and organoleptic qualities. But there’s more. This fruit is also a concentrate of health-giving properties. Very rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it has a remarkably high vitamin C content.
The presence of vitamin E also makes it an unbeatable ally in the fight against ageing. Its antioxidant action combats free radicals and contributes to the body’s equilibrium and wellbeing.

A kiwi a day and life smiles.

A single kiwi contains 100% of the body’s daily vitamin C requirements. Jingold is rich not only in vitamins, but also in fibre and mineral salts, making it a delicious way to fill up on nutrients which, when combined with a correct lifestyle, help guarantee the body’s general wellbeing.

The kiwi loves you.

The high content of dietary fibre in Jingold kiwis helps regulate intestinal functions. Fibres work on the intestine like a “brush”: an action which strengthens the barriers of the intestinal mucous membrane.

Sun-grown in our orchards.

The vitamin E, in which Jingold is rich, is the antioxidant vitamin par excellence. Combined with vitamin C, it performs a moisturising and anti-inflammatory function on the skin, protecting it against the action of the sun’s rays.