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Meditation and mindfulness: 5 simple steps to start

Meditation (from the Latin meditatio, reflection), is a practice used to achieve greater control over the activities of the mind, so that it becomes capable of concentrating on a single thought.

The earliest references to meditation go way back in time to around the 9th – 8th century BC: it is cited in various religions and philosophies, oriental ones in particular, as an instrument for achieving a higher level of concentration and reflection, and for obtaining a level of “consciousness without thoughts”.

The pandemic crisis and consequent rise in stress and anxiety has also meant that for many, meditation has been an extremely useful discovery, bringing relief from a multitude of daily worries.

But where can you start from? There are so many online courses and video tutorials for starting meditation, for adding this new and stimulating habit to our daily lives.

Jingold, which has always promoted a healthy lifestyle through food and sport, has something special in store for you…while you wait, we have selected 5 simple yet fundamental steps for starting meditation:

  1. Set aside a small corner of your home for meditation, preferably somewhere comfortable, welcoming and relaxing
  2. Practice diaphragmatic breathing by trying to concentrate on nothing but your own breath, so that all thoughts and distractions melt away
  3. You don’t need to maintain the classic cross-legged upright position to meditate: find a position that is comfortable for you and helps you to focus on your breathing
  4. Try to meditate every day and regularly, by choosing a time you can fit around your commitments: early in the morning before breakfast, or perhaps in the evening, once you have finished all your chores
  5. Once you have finished meditating, try to remain concentrated and conscious of your actions in the immediate present, without continuously projecting yourself into the past or future.

After meditation, you may choose to continue with a session of yoga or pilates, to relax and tone your muscles.
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