Five good habits for an energetic restart

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Five good habits for an energetic restart

Missing the summer already? Discover all our tips to stock up on energy…and positivity!

September marks a new start for many of us, a time when we are full of good intentions and resolutions.
Sometimes we get off on the wrong foot because we just can’t shake off the post holiday blues or everything we’ve had time to reflect on during our break. Getting back to our studies or work can be tough.
So what should we do to get back on track for a positive return? We’ve drawn up 5 virtuous habits you should start in September and keep up with for the rest of the year.

‐ Take stock of your objectives: how are we getting on with the list of objectives we prepared in January? What should we focus on the most? Examining and pin-pointing our progress along the path of objectives we set ourselves helps to keep us focused on what is truly important and avoid futile distractions.

‐ Set time aside for physical activity: if you avoided sport during the holidays and indulged in naps and lazing around in the sun, now is the time to get back on track! A simple walk or a gym session: what matters is that you keep moving, to favour your physical and mental well-being.

‐ Travel…if only round the corner: while on holiday we had the time and chance to discover new places, cultures and traditions…but travelling is a good habit we should nurture all year round! You don’t necessarily need to travel far: a few kilometres away from home you can rediscover local quaint hamlets, the countryside or cultural treasures just a stone’s throw away. It doesn’t matter if your journey lasts no more than a few hours: each time the feeling of being exposed to new stimuli will be priceless!

‐ Make time for quality time: The saying goes that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So we should choose them carefully. In order to improve our lives and get off to a flying start, we should steer clear of people who tend to complain or are excessively negative.

– Pay attention to what we eat: after countless drinks and dinners at the seaside with friends or family, the time has come to go back to, or start healthy eating habits. This doesn’t mean strict dieting: we should aspire towards a veritable long-term and functional lifestyle for our body and mind. In addition to abundant vegetables, pulses and unrefined foods, we should always remember to enjoy small portions of fruit, if possible far from meals.

Our #Jingold kiwis are perfect for stocking up on health and energy: rich in vitamins, fibre and potassium, they are the perfect snack for adding energy to our days! The intense colour, juicy pulp, sweet and thirst-quenching flavour make them popular with adults and children alike: a favourite fruit for all the family.

Resume good habits, at the table and beyond…for an energetic restart!

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