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10 sports to keep in shape even when on holiday

Why not try a new sport while on holiday? Here are all our favourites!

A holiday means relaxation, fun, entertainment…but there’s more! A summer break from study or work is a great chance to establish new, positive habits, including a healthy diet and regular sports activities. If working out at the gym isn’t really your cup of tea, just remember that summer is the perfect time to try out new sports, all strictly outdoors! The aim? To combine psycho-physical well-being with lots of fun and quench your thirst for adventure!

If you’re short of ideas, here is a selection of sports you can try on holiday, ideal for seasoned athletes and beginners too:


  • Running and hiking: strictly outdoors, making the most of the mild temperatures, even better if on the beach or immersed in greenery. Italy is rich in splendid locations for hiking: from the splendid Dolomites in Trentino Alto-Adige, to the Madonie Regional Park in Sicily, the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Aosta Valley, or the wonderful routes in Cinque Terre, Liguria and the wild island of Capraia in Tuscany. There’s reason to feel spoilt for choice!
  • Swimming: take advantage of your holidays by the sea and treat yourself to regenerating swims, obviously with goggles and without venturing beyond safe areas.
  • Yoga: perfect for those of us who are lazy or out of practice. Yoga is ideal for rediscovering the right connection between body and mind. Even better on the beach, early in the morning!
  • Pilates: this discipline is open to people of all ages and is recommended as a remedy for postural problems caused by an excessively sedentary lifestyle. It is also a great way to make friends and socialise when on holiday!
  • Mountain biking: a holiday in the mountains is the right time to try your hand at paths and routes immersed in the beauty of nature, on your bike! There are so many splendid itineraries to choose from, including the one which runs along Lake Ledro, the famous Adda Ring, as well as multiple-level paths in the Monti Sibillini National Park, between the Marche and Umbria regions.
  • Surfing, in every shape and form: who said you need to go to the other side of the world to surf? With a few lessons and a little expert help you can learn sports like wind surfing, kite surfing or paddle surfing, currently one of the trendiest sports.

Italian beaches with their warm and wavy waters are a match for the ocean, making them ideal for anyone looking to brush up on their skills or even complete beginners.

Levanto is without a doubt one of the best loved surfing locations in Italy, but we also recommend Ostia Lido or northern Sardinia, Santa Teresa in particular.

  • Beach Volley: if you hate lazing around on the beach then beach volley is the right sport for you! Competition, dynamism and lots of fun are three factors that make this sport so popular with younger and older beach goers. In between matches, don’t forget to stay hydrated and use enough sun protection, for the perfect tan.
  • Canoeing: ideal for strengthening arm muscles, the right sport for a couple on holiday at the sea or at a lake. There is one fundamental requirement however: you need to be a proficient swimmer so that you can cope if you fall into the water. The Island of Elba or Lake Garda are two canoeing and kayaking destinations par excellence. The most well-known rivers include of course the Sesia, in Piedmont, or the Nera, in Umbria.
  • Snorkelling: if you fancy a unique and fascinating experience which will also keep you fit, then snorkelling is a wonderful way to admire sea beds teaming with fish. The best places for a thrilling experience are the coasts of Sardinia and Sicily.
  • Extreme sports: Anyone looking to quench their thirst for adrenalin will be interested in finally trying their hand at an extreme sport!

If you have decided to opt for an extreme sports holiday, Abruzzo is one of the regions with the most opportunities, along  with the Marche, Trentino Alto- Adige and Emilia Romagna: paragliding, slacklining, free diving, parachuting, bungee jumping… you’ll be spoilt for choice!


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