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S.O.S. Bloating

Well-being starts at the table! Discover all the foods that help to keep those dreaded feelings of bloating at bay

Abdominal bloating is an increasingly common problem among the population: 1 out of 10 people have experienced this problem at least once in their lifetime.
Abdominal bloating is often a result of several factors or poor habits: irregular eating habits, an excess of fibres in our diet, food intolerance, too little sport, irritable bowel syndrome, or in many cases, a hectic lifestyle, full of worry and stress. It is no wonder that our gut is referred to as our second brain: it has the same nervous and endocrinal receptors!

In many cases the problem can be drastically reduced or altogether eliminated by correcting our lifestyle, adopting healthier habits, committing to constant physical activity an above all, identifying “enemy” foods which ferment inside our gut, like fried foods, dairy products or fizzy drinks.
We should favour all foods that are easy to digest, as they help us to reduce bloating by eliminating excess gas and liquid. These include:
•Wholegrain foods or foods rich in fibre – don’t exaggerate, otherwise the effect will be counter-productive
•Kiwi: in addition to supplying our organism with a large quantity of vitamin C, kiwis have a purifying effect as they help us to eliminate toxins and waste, getting rid of bothersome feelings of bloating and heaviness.

Adding kiwis in our daily diet can really help save our gut and reduce any problems we may be experiencing with it! Eat a couple for breakfast, as soon as you wake up, as part of a tasty fruit salad. Or, try your hand at making one of our simple and delicious recipes!

What about after breakfast? A pilates session, to regenerate body and mind!

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