No more greasy hair…with kiwis!

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No more greasy hair…with kiwis!

Discover how to make a home-made kiwi and seasonal fruit leave-in treatment, particularly effective for greasy hair!

Greasy hair is a common problem, especially among youths; it is caused by excessive sebum production and results in an unpleasant feeling on the scalp and often in excessive hair loss too.
There is a multitude of causes: genes, hormones, stress or excessive pollution, especially for those of us who live or work in big cities.
Paying particular attention to what we eat undoubtedly helps improve the situation, but there’s more! In many cases the use of specific hair care products can resolve, or at least help with the problem!
Not everyone is aware that many ingredients in our kitchen can be used to make a natural and low cost beauty remedy. Kiwis are one example: thanks to their properties, they help make hair healthier, stronger and shiner.
In addition to including them in our diet every day, kiwis can be used to make a pre-shampoo leave-in treatment you can apply half an hour before washing your hair. All you need is the pulp of 2 very ripe kiwis (vary according to the length of your hair), along with some lemon juice or vinegar, honey and yoghurt (essential for preventing your hair from drying out too much). If you have some at home, you can also add a few drops of thyme or sage essential oil.
Apply the leave-in treatment, massage into scalp and spread evenly along the entire length of your hair to purify it all over.

As you wait for the beneficial effects to kick in, why not read a good book and enjoy a kiwi detox tea?

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