5 tips for an energetic new year

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5 tips for an energetic new year

Set aside those lengthy lists of new year’s resolutions for 2020: we’ve got a simple and sustainable version you can try together with your friends or family!

1. Good morning: well begun is half done
We’re all slaves to a hectic routine, always in a hurry, full of to-do lists and looming deadlines which make us irritable, tired and nervous. Making some time just for ourselves is tough, but not impossible!
Try setting your alarm an hour earlier in the morning (if you’re especially lazy, start gradually), so you can dedicate this time to no one but yourself. Try a kiwi detox tea to awaken your organism, read the news, do some yoga or update your list of goals. Start the day in a calmer way, everything will seem less stressful and hectic!
An additional advantage: Setting you alarm clock earlier in the morning means you’ll go to bed earlier in the evening, thus improving the quality of your sleep!
Seeing is believing: millions of people, including a number of celebrities and successful businessmen, have already adopted this lifestyle and start their day at around 5:30 am.

2. Invest in yourself (a hobby, a new language, travel)
Dedicate some of your free time to exploring something new or trying out new experiences: learning a new language, traveling, cooking a new recipe or reading a couple of books each month are just some examples of activities to improve ourselves, one day at a time! The options are almost infinite, based on how much time you have and your budget.

3. Sport
Hating the gym is no excuse for adopting a sedentary lifestyle! Swimming, pilates, running in the great outdoors, dance, climbing… there are so many sports to try; involving a friend or your partner will make it even more fun!

4. Food for your body… and for your soul!
A diet rich in fruit and vegetables is scientifically proven to be good for you not just at a physical, but also at a mental level too. Thanks to all the vitamins, mineral salts and proteins contained in fruit and veg we feel full of energy, lighter and better prepared to take on the many challenges which await us every day. An example? Just one kiwi contains 100% of the vitamin c your body needs every day.
If you do not eat such foods regularly, make the effort to change your eating habits with the arrival of the new year!

5. Learn to practice gratitude
Improve, aim high…but don’t forget to look back and learn to be thankful for what you’ve achieved and all you have, day after day.

Ready to start 2020 off on the right foot?

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