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Anti-cold hydrating mask

As the temperatures drop, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated! Here’s a home-made recipe for a regenerating, illuminating and hydrating face mask…your skin will thank you for it!

There are lots of solutions out there on shop shelves to protect our skin during the coldest months: hydrating serums, creams, masks…we really are spoilt for choice!
Masks in particular are a real beauty treat you can use to pamper yourself in the evening after a hectic day, constant exposure to bad weather and smog.

What if we combine effectiveness with our love of home-made recipes? Creating your very own home-made mask is a relaxing and fun activity, a real pick-me-up for our mood and our beauty!

We have an easy, quick and cheap recipe just for you, with ingredients you’re bound to have in the kitchen. The main protagonist? Kiwi, which thanks to its antioxidant and purifying properties, makes skin more radiant and firmer, immediately.

1 kiwi
half a banana
2 spoonfuls of plain yoghurt
a teaspoon of sweet almond oil
1 teaspoon of honey

Smash the kiwi and banana up, using a mixer or a fork. Gradually add the yoghurt and honey and once you obtain a homogeneous mix, add the sweet almond oil. Mix until you achieve a nice creamy consistency. Apply to face and leave on for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

And after the mask? Don’t forget the tonic!

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