Vitamin C, an ally against respiratory problems

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Vitamin C, an ally against respiratory problems

Hay fever season is nearly here! Vitamin C is a valuable aid for strengthening our immune systems.

More hours of daylight and the arrival of milder temperatures are the most eagerly awaited elements of spring. However, often the season also brings restlessness, insomnia and general feelings of tiredness. Symptoms of the so-called “spring blues” include finding it difficult to get up in the morning and fall asleep in the evening. Not to mention pesky colds and hay fever, caused by pollen unleashed in the air as well as a few lingering cold spells.

So, how can we protect ourselves from this mid-season malaise?

It is important to try and reinforce the immune system which defends the organism against external invaders. A daily dose of vitamin C is recommended to this effect, as it forms a natural protective shield against seasonal illnesses.

It has been confirmed that kiwi is one of nature’s healthiest fruits: it is an excellent source of all those elements required to prevent us from falling ill in spring, like vitamin C, antioxidants, fibres and mineral salts. Some studies have highlighted the positive effects of these fruits on the immune system: eating kiwis regularly helps to boost our defences and ward off certain diseases. The fruit also has antiseptic and antianaemic properties.

One kiwi contains 100% of our daily recommended vitamin C allowance. This is why it is especially important to eat them when the seasons change, to make sure we have robust immune protection and are getting the right amount of vitamins. Thanks to its intense colour, velvety consistency on the palate and sweet flavour, it is a fruit enjoyed by all the family. In order to make sure that even little ones eat fruit and stock up on vitamin C, why not prepare one of our tempting recipes, like the kiwi-choc crêpes: have fun and protect yourself from colds!

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